Rants DUE!

Period 2 Rants DUE: before midnight, Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Periods 5 & 6 Rants DUE: before midnight,
Thursday, 19 May 2011

1. You must have a title slide at the beginning of your video that looks something like this:

copyright ppt slide

2. You must have end credits for all the materials used in your Rant: images, video clips, music, interviews, surveys, etc.

3. You must upload your video to our class YouTube account (following the directions below:)


1. go to YouTube and click on the sign-in link (in the upper right hand corner of the page

2. the class username is: 2011eng11

3. the class password is: heroes2011

4. click on the upload link (near the search bar in the center top of the page)

5. click on the yellow upload button

6. select your movie file (should be .wmv (PC) or .m4v or .mp4 or .mov (apple)). This is important: You cannot upload the program file, only the finalized video!

7. while the progress bar is finishing, change the title of your video to be sure your name is attached to the video (i.e. something like: “Maddie G.’s Rant“)

8. click “save changes

9. now grab the embed code so you can post the video on your blog as a PAGE!

10. post your video on your blog and title your page appropriately (i.e. with Rant somewhere in the title)

The Rubric:

7 points

Research: Multiple, reliable, and valid data and audio-visual sources must be synthesized into your rants. These resources may include original, primary sources such as on-air interviews, student surveys, etc., as well as references to the student handbook. These resources should be clearly attributed throughout your rants.

7 points

Design: Creativity and care must be applied to the construction and execution of the video podcasts of your rants. The audio and visual elements must flow logically and a clear and appropriate tone must be established for your target audience in the 3-5 minute final product.

8 points

Design: The goal of this project is to persuade your target audience using logical, emotional, and ethical appeals. Part of your design considerations should include establishing a title and theme for your rant “show” and the employment of technical elements to enhance your presentation (graphics, background music, special effects, transitions, etc.).

4 points

Tech: You may use any software that can combine visual (picture and/or video), textual, and audio elements, but your rants must incorporate some combination of voice and image to convey your position. You, or some sort of avatar stand-in for you, should appear in your rants.

3 points

Organization: Your rants should start with an introduction that includes an overview of the issue or policy being addressed and establishes the importance of that issue or policy. This introduction should end with a clear, explicit statement of your position on that issue or policy.

3 points

Organization: Logical and emotional fallacies must be avoided in your argumentation, and you should identify opposing or alternate position/solutions that you effectively refute in favor of your own “solution” or stance.

3 points

There must be end credits in MLA format for all the sources used in your rants. There should be no/few errors in grammar or format and the technical quality of the final rants must be good.

You must complete each of your rants by the assigned due date and submit it electronically by posting it on YouTube. If time allows, rants will be presented in class; however, all the rants will be made available on the class blog for the whole class to review. Overdue submissions will lose 10% per day late.

Last Blogs of the Week

The last official “blogs of the week”!! There were so many to choose from this time; congrats to you’all for your good work!

The blog of the week for period 2 this past weekend goes to Maddie Gault…

The blog of the week for Period 5 goes to Melissa Mulder…

And, finally, the blog of the week for Period 6 goes to Calvin Kautsky!
Check out their answers to the 5Qs!

Post #20: 5Qs Revisited



Don’t forget that your last required post is due before 7am on Monday! You need to answer the following 5Qs as a post on your blog:
Who are you?
What do you want?
Where are you going?
Whom do you serve?
Whom do you trust?


Also, you need to read and comment on at least 3 of your colleagues’ blogs as well; don’t forget!

Poetry Analysis DUE!


Don’t forget that your Poetry Analysis is due before 7:00am on Monday, 18 April 2011, as a page on your blog. Be sure to review the rubric below to make sure you have completed all the requirements for this assignment!

The Rubric:

5 points

You have successfully published your Poetry Analysis as a Page (not a Post) on your blog (such that it is visible to guests), incorporating all the required elements on your page:
(1) working hyperlinks to your sources, labeled as such in the body of the text;
(2) a picture of your author;
(3) the title of the poem and the author’s full name;
(4) an audible podcast of you reading the poem; and,
(5) an analysis of the poem (which may be written text on the page or a separate, audible podcast on the page).

4 points

The design of your Poetry Analysis Page is attractive with a nice mix of graphic and text elements. The content matches the form to create a readable and attractive page.

4 points

Your introduction synthesizes only the relevant historical and personal data from your research to help set the context for your poetry analysis, including attributions and links to your sources. Your introduction includes a logical thesis at the end of it linking the poem to the hero stage from which it comes.

10 points

Your analysis of the poem interprets the poem’s basic content, discussing the use of poetic devices to convey meaning. The reading of the poem is accurate and detailed, providing a line by line analysis of the poem.

5 points

Your analysis is logically organized; the paragraphs are cohesive units and the flow between paragraphs is clear. Your conclusions derive clearly from the analysis in the body of your piece.

4 points

In the conclusion of your analysis, you explain clearly how the poem fits the stage of the hero journey to which it has been connected.

3 points

There are no/few surface errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar or format in the draft. There is a clear title for the blog page, but no MLA header.

The essay has been successfully posted as a page on the student’s blog site ON TIME; it is formatted to look appealing and is easily readable. There’s no extraneous code or problems seeing the page. There will be a 10% deduction for each day late.

No Post this weekend!

Don’t forget, there is no post nor song reflection nor comment due this weekend so that you can focus on your Fight Club End Assessment.

fightThe end assessment (one set of four prompts) is due on the class blog by midnight, Wednesday, 23 March!

Remember, each column counts as a set, so you have to do A-D of your selected column. Write your response in Word and then paste each into the comment box below the prompt.

Blogs of the Week for 14 March 2011

Sorry for the absence of the blogs of the week award! We return to them this week with a great batch!

the Road of Trials

the Road of Trials

The blog of the week for period 2 this past weekend goes to Amanda Repass…

The blog of the week for Period 5 goes to Paola Avila…

And, finally, the blog of the week for Period 6 goes to Robert Bruns! Check out their Play-Doh reflections!